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Finance to build your own home

If you have big plans to build a home of your own – or renovate your existing home – constructions loans can help you make it happen.

Build your own

Dreaming of your dream home? Construction loans are purpose-built (sorry, we had to).

renovate your home

We can help you free up equity to finance those ambitious renovations.
Access the right finance
Grants and incentives
Apply for a little help
Expert guidance
Know what's what
Construction loans

Great access to a range of construction loans

Construction loans differ from the usual home loan. For one, funds are released in instalments, in line with the progress of the build. They're also structured in a way that reduces your repayment early on. We have insight into an impressive range of construction loan options that we'll help you access to fund your dream home.

If there's help available, why not take it up?

We can let you know if you qualify for any government grants and take you through the process of applying and securing the funding. Every little bit helps!

You may not have done this before, but we have

Building or renovating your own home is a huge undertaking! We're always here to help decipher the bank and builder jargon, and keep you on top of what's happening throughout the process. 

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